Chinchilla for sale

 Chinchillas for sale

Europe, Germany - 42699 Solingen


Chinchillas for sale

Te Koop - Chinchilla entremise - Chinchilla Vermittlung


Us chinchillas for sale

Chinchillas For Sale. Facts you MUST know about when buying a chinchilla for sale! Where to buy chinchillas for sale. If you are considering offering chinchillas. Chinchillas for sale with many different colors including gray, beige, homo ebony, black velvet, violet, pink, hetro ebony, mosaic and more...  


Chinchilla-Lexikon, a breeder of chinchillas, has a variety of chinchillas for Sale, baby chinchillas, and pet chinchillas.

Chinchilla-Lexikon Chinchilla Farm

  • Sven Schröder
  • Feldbergstr. 23
  • 42699 Solingen
  • Germany

Telephon: +049 212 / 3829766

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Chinchillas for sale

 Chinchillas for sale

Standard Male

Ebony Rex Female - sold -

Standard Female - sold-

Standard Female - sold- 

Beige Mosaic Female - sold-

Pastell Ebony Male - sold -

Ebony Hetro Male - sold -

Ebony Hetero Female - sold-

Ebony Homo Female - sold-

Mosaic Female - sold - 

Saphir Carrier Female - sold -

Mosaic Female

Ebony Homo Male - sold -

Violet Female - sold -

Ebony Hetero Female - sold -

Ebony Homo Male Rex Carrier - sold -

Ebony Hetero dark Female


We currently have many chinchillas for sale right now and all year around. We are breeding many colors of chinchillas : Ebony Homo, Saphir, Saphir Ebony, Violet, Violet Velvet, Violet Ebony, Mosaic,  Wilson White, Rex Chinchillas and other variations.  


   Chinchillas for sale